So much happening in the world of H2Awesome! in the coming months!

First, welcome to the website. Prior to this, all we had was our myspace, facebook and adult friend finder pages (all of which are still up, btw). But now, we’ve entered the future with our own Internet Website and Twitter account!

ALSO, a bit ago we recorded some songs with the incredible Zac Lasher in Brooklyn for an EP which should be released sometime in February! Finally, H2Awesome! will be nerding up your home stereo and hi-fi systems!

And if we’re releasing a record, that must mean we’re planning SHOWS!

First up, on March 5th we’re playing KRACKLEFEST, in Seattle. Our friends Kirby Krackle (who you last saw tearing up the stage at Rock Comic Con, asked us to play their Emerald City Comic Con afterparty! We’ll be joined by them and nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock.

We’re also planning a NYC CD release, hopefully in late February and possibly a Boston date sometime around or after that!

So much awesome, I can barely take it.

Make sure to follow our Twitter account, sign up for the newsletter and proposition us on adult friend finder!

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